I did not expect such a professional presentation, its quality, its clarity, and the seamless integration of eastern and western ideology. I valued your confidence, trust, knowledge, and expertise. I have found peacefulness, understanding, and compassion for the management of my mood disorder. I valued that your spirit has become part of my practice and that I can refer back to your affirmations and your own experience to guide me. I value you! --- Jeffrey Holloway


I valued Robyn and the realization that this is something that I can do for ME. I received a huge understanding of the practice, why it works, and the great impact it can have on my life. -- Kathy H.


I received very valuable information. The tools are easy to use every day. The lectures and examples were clearly taught. I value your calm voice. -- April Elias


I appreciated Robyn’s ability to break down the material so that everyone could understand. I don’t want this course to end! I love Robyn’s teaching style and true knowledge and passion for this subject.--Jennifer Kirch


Robyn radiates caring and love. I received encouragement, acceptance, and support and found several aspects of the practice very meaningful to me in my current situation.--RM

Every session was valuable, educational and easy to implement.--Julia Kalika


I received a deeper appreciation and understanding for myself. -- Allison Kashon

I received comfort, mental healing, and awareness. Dr. Tiger is absolutely amazing!! She is genuine, caring, calm and compassionate. I valued her time, her energy, her positive attitude, and her class. Thank you! Thank you! --- Crystal Adams


I valued the accepting atmosphere of the class, the variety of suggestions and practical ideas as well as the work and effort that Robyn provided. --- L. S.


This particular workshop is enhanced by the obvious competence of the workshop leader who brings multidimensional expertise to the subject. --- Anonymous


I valued a safe place to practice learning more about the mind-body connection and how to connect with my body to initiate relaxation and calm. --- Ronda C.


I received a wealth of knowledge including where my anxiety comes from, how to address it, and how to alleviate it. Not only did I learn yoga and meditation, I learned ways to calm and prevent my attacks without jumping to medication. --- Jamie C.


I received guidance, encouragement, understanding and valuable material that was easy to follow. I valued the organization, the calmness, guided meditation, yoga sequences, and the attention and information given. --- Jackie A.

I valued your caring personality, how the course was organized so as to not create more anxiety, the handouts, and the manual. I loved all of it, especially how I felt after each class. This is a well thought out course taught by a knowledgeable and caring teacher. One can tell Robyn is totally invested in her students. --- Fran G.