Yoga Therapy

Private Yoga Therapy Sessions


Private yoga therapy sessions are personalized programs specifically designed to meet your unique needs and desires.


Each 1-hour session combines safe and effective healing movements, relaxing breathing techniques, and calming meditations to achieve optimal health and overall well-being.


Coexisting medical conditions and skill level are taken into consideration.


No prior experience is necessary.


All sessions are trauma-informed, culturally sensitive and evidence-based and held in a safe and supportive environment.  


Handouts are provided with clear and easy to follow instructions for home use to maximize the effectiveness of therapy.


Support is available in between sessions to answer any questions that may arise.


Some Health Savings Accounts (HSA) reimburse for yoga therapy sessions. Check with your insurance company to see if you are covered. 


Teletherapy sessions via Zoom are available.



This has been an awesome opportunity for cancer survivors like me to heal and be healthy. Shelly DuBois​

I am no stranger to the world of breast cancer. As a co-founder of the Shirley Mae Breast Cancer Assistance Fund, I know the hardships patients face when they are in the fight. But it still was staggering to be told I had breast cancer. After a double mastectomy, my surgeon recommended I try yoga specifically for breast cancer patients. Having never done yoga before and not one to readily relax, I admit I was skeptical. But working with Robyn has been amazing and revelatory. During our sessions, she is committed to helping me focus on healing. It is therapeutic for my mind and body. Robyn has allowed me to regain my physical strength and emotional well-being.

Anne Neustadter

Breast Cancer Survivor

I received comfort, mental healing, and awareness. Dr. Tiger is absolutely amazing!! She is genuine, caring, calm and compassionate. I valued her time, her energy, her positive attitude, and her class. Thank you! 

The hardest part was taking that first step to join the class. Would I be able to participate in view of my age and physical limitations? The answer to that question was yes as Dr. Tiger was able to adapt yoga to my own personal needs within the class. Although I never considered myself a cancer victim, yoga seems to promote a level of well-being beyond traditional medicine and regular exercise. It is as if I have found that final piece of the puzzle to my recovery of both body and mind.  IJS