Overcome Anxiety Clinic

Who Will Benefit

This clinic is designed to help people who suffer from the anxiety of everyday life as well as Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.


Common effects of anxiety that will be addressed in this clinic include:


  • panic attacks

  • difficulty concentrating

  • difficulty controlling worry 

  • excess anxiety and worry that is out of proportion to the situation most of the time

  • excessive sweating, palpitations, shortness of breath, and gastrointestinal issues

  • fatigue

  • irritability

  • Muscle tension, shakiness, headaches

  • restlessness or feeling "on edge"

  • sleep disturbance--difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, unsatisfying sleep

  • fear of death or fear of illness-causing death

How we will work together:


The Overcome Anxiety Clinic works with you to naturally bring you to a place of inner calm through simple to use self-healing techniques. The skills and practices you learn are incredibly useful and profoundly freeing when combating the debilitating effects of anxiety.


What you will learn:


How anxiety affects your body, your mind and your spirit can determine how fulfilling and successful you are at accomplishing your goals. You will learn what you can do about controlling your anxiety and why it works within each system. Some of the techniques you will learn breathing exercises, gentle movements, and meditations that help to break the cycles that keep anxiety in your life. Our goal is to help you completely overcome your anxiety.


What you can expect:


Even though it is taught in a group setting, this is a very safe, private and personal experience. Presentations are given with visual aids such as PowerPoint lectures and handouts.  You will receive a take-home program with daily exercises and lifestyle suggestions as well as a guided meditation CD to practice within the comfort of your own home. The more you know about anxiety and how to defeat it, the more empowered you become to drive your own self-healing journey!


Why it's important:


Grounded in the latest research, the Overcome Anxiety Clinic can help you lead a more self-aware life. Reducing stress can help reduce the risk of major illnesses that are related to inflammation. Reducing stress allows you to think before acting and make clear, informed decisions about your life.


Private Overcome Anxiety Clinics--In-person or via Teletherapy (Skype) per request


Let us bring this clinic to you! We serve your businesses, medical centers, patient groups, schools, veteran’s groups, and clubs. Flexible meeting times can be arranged. Contact Dr. Robyn Tiger for pricing.


Some Health Savings Accounts (HSA) reimburse for yoga therapy sessions. Check with your insurance company to see if you are covered.


I received comfort, mental healing, and awareness. Dr. Tiger is absolutely amazing!! She is genuine, caring, calm and compassionate. I valued her time, her energy, her positive attitude, and her class. Thank you! Thank you! --- Crystal Adams


I valued the accepting atmosphere of the class, the variety of suggestions and practical ideas as well as the work and effort that Robyn provided. --- L. S.


This particular workshop is enhanced by the obvious competence of the workshop leader who brings multidimensional expertise to the subject. --- Anonymous


I valued a safe place to practice learning more about the mind-body connection and how to connect with my body to initiate relaxation and calm. --- Ronda C.


I received a wealth of knowledge including where my anxiety comes from, how to address it, and how to alleviate it. Not only did I learn yoga and meditation, I learned ways to calm and prevent my attacks without jumping to medication. --- Jamie C.


I received guidance, encouragement, understanding and valuable material that was easy to follow. I valued the organization, the calmness, guided meditation, yoga sequences, and the attention and information given. --- Jackie A.

I valued your caring personality, how the course was organized so as to not create more anxiety, the handouts, and the manual. I loved all of it, especially how I felt after each class. This is a well thought out course taught by a knowledgeable and caring teacher. One can tell Robyn is totally invested in her students. --- Fran G.


I did not expect such a professional presentation, its quality, its clarity, and the seamless integration of eastern and western ideology. I valued your confidence, trust, knowledge, and expertise. I have found peacefulness, understanding, and compassion for the management of my mood disorder. I valued that your spirit has become part of my practice and that I can refer back to your affirmations and your own experience to guide me. I value you! --- Jeffrey Holloway