My Story

As a physician, I spent 15 years in Diagnostic Radiology. Throughout that process, I witnessed the amazing technological advancements of Western Medicine, enabling us to more readily detect and treat disease. Although I was so very grateful for all of this technology, I realized that there was a large portion of patient care that was missing: How do we help patients heal? What do we do to help individuals beyond their disease? How do we ease the dis-ease? State of the art treatments are wonderful, but they can result in physical limitations, emotional distress, and dampened spirit. In addition, I became increasingly aware of the universal rising levels of stress reaching epidemic proportions. Deeply concerned with its damaging effects, I felt compelled to do more.  For years, other than giving patients a hug and a smile, I was completely lost as to how to be of help. I knew that my job as a doctor was not nearly complete.


What I did know was what consistently helped me personally: my yoga & meditation practice. My scientifically trained mind needed to unwrap the mystifying impact of yoga & meditation at a deeper, fact-based level. I began my studies in yoga teacher training and continued my studies in yoga therapy and meditation.


I learned that medical research has proven yoga & meditation to diminish the side effects and improve outcomes of many medical conditions. These practices have also been proven to decrease stress levels significantly, improve overall well-being, and increase longevity. With a more complete and well-rounded education, I have integrated both Western and Eastern teachings. My specialized training enables me to safely teach individuals how to effectively use simple tools to take control of their own health and how they feel in any given moment. 

My yoga therapy practice, Yoga Heals 4 Life, aims to achieve optimal health, encouraging all individuals to become the best versions of themselves.

Robyn Tiger

Medical Doctor, MD
Certified Yoga Therapist, C-IAYT
Certified iRest® Meditation Teacher
Registered Yoga Teacher, RYT-500
Certified Reiki Master Teacher, CRMT
Dr. Robyn Yiger